Maybe if I was African

 I would get more respect

But I’m just a black girl

one generation removed

from the projects

So, I’m considered a wannabe.

Yea, it’s true.

I wanna be an African Queen

I wanna dream of bigger things

I wannabe more than what money brings

I wannabe praised for my mind and not for my thighs

I wannabe high off life and good times,

Not alcohol and swine.

I wannabe adorned by my King

and wear happiness not rings

I wannabe

I wannabe

I wannabe


So because I wasn’t born beneath the trees of Somali

I mustn’t behave like royalty?

Since my mama wasn’t cultivated on the sands of Egypt

then my worth is disintegrated?

But my daddy didn’t use his hands in South Africa to fight off the man

then I’m forced to accept your verbal destruction?


I’ll continue to sing the hymns of queens

Wear confidence

Not rings

And walk with roses beneath me

I’ll sway my wide hips

Broad nose

Bronzed skin

Full lips, to the sky

Wear my afro 10 miles high

As stares in disbelief continue to wonder why…


Because I wannabe.